The Project

We are a team of researchers, mostly working in International Relations, Political Science, History, Philosophy, Anthropology and related topics. Our main goal is to stimulate intellectual debates on issues such as the use of force and the role played by morality, legitimacy and authority in building political communities, and their future.

The “Morality and Violence” project is an investigation of these issues. More precisely, it attempts to understand how violence is legitimized in various moral communities during diverse social processes, considering that any political community is framed by some form of moral authority and that any challenger has to embrace a particular type of morality. We also want to inquire whether the current, still incomplete, research on these issues is excessively influenced by Western-centered values, ideas and theories. The broad geographical survey base of our project is intended to give the necessary consideration to non-Eurocentric answers, and to question the dominant conceptions regarding the dilemmas raised by morality, violence and identities in the construction of contemporary political communities.